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Major Key is a part-time business, so it may take a week or two to process your order. If you need parts immediately or you can't find what you need here, check with one of our distributors. If you're outside of the US, buying from a more local reseller will save you money on overseas shipping costs (which tend to be very high, especially if you're only ordering one or two parts!).

1969 Fender Rhodes Student Piano


Up for sale is a Fender-Rhodes student piano from my Major Key private collection. Manufactured in 1969. The harp assembly is a third generation tonebar – tine configuration, making it the last run for these green machines.  Originally, it had felt hammer tips that were replaced with new last generation Major Key Neoprene tips.  I purchased this piano in fair condition twelve years ago and completely disassembled the cabinet for a new paint job at the G&L Factory in Fullerton.  The color was matched by our paint department expert Malcome, and was painted in our G&L guitar spray booths, sent through our polish department for wet and dry sanding and full compound buffing.  The result is a beautiful guitar “like” finish! 

Price is $2,000 or best offer. Shipping available! We are able to ship it UPS Ground, carefully packaged in two pieces (pedestal and piano packed separately), total unpackaged weight is 140lbs based on our freight scale. The pedestal weighs 50 lbs and piano weight approx 90lbs.  Shipping takes approximately 2 weeks inside the United States. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. The piano is shipping out of Fullerton, CA, so e-mail me with your location and we can more closely calculate a shipping cost. We've contacted the military about piggy-backing this piano with a couple of tanks on one of their military transport planes but received no response. But after all, it is green and can be used as a weapon if you drop it out of a plane!

All keys were sanded and buffed to remove any flaws from 35+ years of playing.  The wood trim was restored, and a hand made reproduction plexiglass music stand was made in the Major Key factory. New logo’s replaced the broken ones. The amplifier was checked out by Major Key's tech Gary, and works flawlessly.  Tines are all good, some light rust, but all are smooth.  I have to sell some of our front office piano collection simply because I have run out of space! This is probably the best example of these pianos.  Very few were made before CBS canceled the Rhodes music education program.

Piano sold as-is.
You can contact me at ( ) with your offers or if you have any other questions.

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